Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First few days in the Philippines

Okay, first of all, the title of this blog is not supposed to be cool or creative, I meant for it to sound dumb, and I may change it later.

So the trip to the Philippines went pretty well. We never lost any luggage or got lost ourselves. The 15 hour plane ride from Chicago to Hong Kong was long, of course. It was really funny when the cute old Asian man next to me got in trouble for smoking. By the time we got to Manila I was exhausted. It was around midnight there, so we found Ador- our driver, who was holding up a sign that said FOX and went to the Beaver's place where Dan met us and let us call home quick.
The next day we visited a church that had a dentist's office in it. We also saw Faith Academy and spent time at the WWII memorial, which was cool. My great-great-notsurehowmanygreats aunt Wilhelmina was a missionary in the Philippines during WWII. During the Japanese occupation, the missionary headquarters- which was in Bayombong- was broken through. She was able to hide for the first 8 months, but was eventually found and suffered from malnutrition. 

 After that we went to the Mall of Asia which was amazing! I need to go back there someday cause I didn't actually do any shopping really. We ate lunch there and then went to a different mall where we got our cell phones : D It's really helpful to have them, though I'm a little concerned because Lance is now addicted to this game on the phone called snake. I tried it once.. but it's not my favorite thing to do.

Anyways, the driving and traffic in Manila is as crazy as they said it was. Similar to Rome actually. It takes forever to get anywhere! The next day was Sunday so we went to a church called CCF. After that it was time to leave for Boracay. We flew to the Kalibo and then met Tori and took a long bus ride to the edge of the island. The scenery was beautiful and I recognized the plants and animals from some of my great aunt’s old photos, like the random cows. We took a boat to Boracay and from there a trycicle to Angol Road. I don’t remember when, but at some point we were on a trycicle (the little motorbikes with the sidecars) going up this steep hill and the bike kept going slower and slower, so Tori told the boys to jump off the back so we wouldn’t tip over and crash. It was pretty funny. Josh's new shoes fell apart which made it even more funny. 

 So the trip to Boracay was pretty long, but worth it. Overall I'd say the traveling went pretty well!

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